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"Do not act without first analyzing the status

of your accounts"


Accounting update

Retrieval of your company's accounting information from the date you deem most convenient.


Introduction to accounting

Initiation of accounting on the first day of your accounting year or follow-up of your accounting.


Custom account plan

Based on the General Accounting Plan of Andorra 2008, we adapt it to the needs of each business.


Situation balance

It separately collects the company's assets, liabilities, and equity. An indispensable tool for good business control.


Profit and loss account

It collects the result of the operation of a period, thanks to the precise location of the expenses and the income.


Payment forecast

How much is owed, to whom it is owed, and when it will be paid. To avoid treasury problems


Forecast of collections

How much they owe us, who owes us, and when we will charge it. Together with the payment forecast, we calculate the “cash flow”.


Budget plans

We establish a budget plan for the year and regularly monitor the evolution of our objectives.


Pension management

Anticipate the future to minimize risks and contingencies.


Cash-Flow (economic and financial)

Provide your treasury funds to improve your purchasing and expense planning.


Collection of documents at home

We collect weekly from your offices, all the documentation of your company.


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