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" Entrepreneur, embark on new companies, but always with a good accounting advisor "


We offer consulting services for creating the best business structure for your business.

Andorra is one of the most attractive jurisdictions in Europe


  • Reduced tax rates or zero taxation

  • Legal and fiscal framework converging with the EU and the OCDE

  • Flexible and efficient alternatives and investment vehicles

  • The Andorran regulatory framework complies with the international standard of transparency and exchange of information on tax matters

The 2 models of Andorran societies

The Limited Company (LC)

Minimum capital 3,000 euros

The Public Limited Company (PLC)

Minimum capital 60,000 euros

Requirements: obtaining the DIRECT FOREIGN INVESTMENT authorization

Necessary documentation for an INDIVIDUAL

  • Photocopy of the passport of the applicant with the Hague Apostille

  • Certificate of criminal record from the country of origin and last residence with the Hague Apostille

Necessary documentation for a COMPANY

  • Photocopy with the Hague Apostille of the deed of incorporation

  • Photocopy of the passport of the representatives or proxies of the company with the Hague Apostille

  • Photocopy of the power of attorney of the representatives or proxies of the company with the Hague Apostille

  • Certificates of criminal record of the country of origin and of the last residence of the representatives or proxies of the company with the apostille of The Hague

  • An original copy of the board's certification agreeing to the requested foreign investment.

  • Photocopy of the resolution in accordance with which the authorization of the AFA provided for in article 5.3 of Law 35/2010, of 3 June, on the authorization system for the creation of new operating entities in the financial system has been obtained andorrà

  • Where applicable, identified documentation of all public entities of foreign sovereignty that claim to be holders of foreign investment, specifying their relationship with the public sector of the country of origin of the investment, and the degree of influence or control in the management of the investing entity.

Important : Tots els documents que no estiguin redactats en català, francès o castellà han d’anar acompanyats d’una traducció jurada.


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